Reservations Department

Front Office Manager

  • Reviewed and briefed GSA's with house count, daily events, Trip Advisor status, and overall daily agenda.
  • Supervised front desk, bellman, concierge and engineering departments ensuring quick completion of work and follow up for satisfaction.
  • As night manager was M.O.D. and authorized with authority of the General Manager.
  • Responsibilities included, but not limited to, inventory accounting, payroll, scheduling, discipline and training; managing junior managers and supervisors, leaded department stand outs and forecasting meetings.
  • Handled guest/clients special requests, needs and complaints.
  • Facilitated large high profile events and emergency / crisis situations, provided personalized attention to VIP's.
  • Consulted in hiring talent and evaluated for job performance, position advancement, and termination.

Special Skills

  • 7 Years In Workforce
  • 2 Years At This Job
  • High School Diploma